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Why Am I Not Good Enough?

1. Take a shower you don't want to smell.
2. Pick out an outfit that will blend in with the latest trends and won't make you a laughing stock of the school more than you already are

3. Put on some makeup so you can't even recognize yourself and your face tingles with an unbelievable issue. You can't satisfy otherwise you'll have ruined the hours of meticulous painting you apply to your face.... more »

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Wow I just saw the poem on youtube and I was absolutely astounded.
PopcornIsYummy 06 Oct 11:18
this girl is so inspiring and i luv her poem so much! she literally named every reason for depression in this and i just- i would LUVV to be this gurls bestie: 3
8th Grader 16 Jan 08:59
She honestly inspires me and I admire her so much. I hope to have the confidence and strength that she has.