• A Chance

    Broken pieces and
    Scratched fingertips..
    Marks that will heal
    But not my heart.... more »

  • Dare Not

    Beloved one of mine,
    The roses fell from the sky
    Red petals reflected in my eyes
    And angels tried to fly..... more »

  • Her Side

    There she was..
    Her back was firm.
    But actually, she..
    What was she thinking?... more »

  • Journey And A Lie

    One day I yearned for a journey
    Without a family,
    That was an easy matter
    For I left the house so soon.... more »

  • Long Long Walk

    Shall the sea conceal it's storm,
    Shall the sky curse me alone.
    Even if I walk in the sea of sorrow,
    And in a place where darkness follows.... more »

  • New World

    It's cold
    Even though the sunset still look down on me.
    On us.
    I still love you.... more »

  • The Beauty Of Art

    Let's talk about art, friends,
    I don't need you to be so serious.... more »

  • Victory

    'Victory is a beginning.'
    Words were played,
    And the kings were ready for war.... more »

  • Your Boneless Tongue

    Oh, and your feeble heart!
    As they emerged -oh, how they did!
    From a defecting mouth.
    So you blustered,... more »