• Are We There Yet

    I put my mind on it
    when the day starts with guns
    blowing away all the corners
    only way to move is creeping... more »

  • Dark Days

    life is a full of sight
    thing become strange
    in one way or the other
    peace and prosperity... more »

  • Dedicated Love

    love is natural
    which our great God greated in us
    I been very ill without seeing you
    on my side through the lights of the days... more »

  • East African Nation

    people love peace and security
    where ever they are
    but only a stable nation
    implements peace... more »

  • Fled From Place

    what is it like
    a little kid whose age
    is four fleeing
    from one place... more »

  • Grinning

    I aint no grinding
    about life cause sometimes acceptin
    is helpin
    to overcome problems facin... more »

  • Pain Inside

    so much pain inside me
    cause I lost so many homies
    in civil war which happened
    in a decade... more »

  • Violence Is Evil

    let us come together
    with clean hearts
    throwing out hatred from our hearts
    let us work... more »