• Flags Or Rags?

    Standing in abyss with two rags to my wrists
    No scores settled with empty clenched fists
    In this battle between 'the sense' and 'the rage'
    The crescent and star and the colourful cage... more »

  • High School Slinger

    She was a high school slinger
    Six times winner. She's the
    dame of all the books that you'd read
    She'd rub against your shoulder... more »

  • Love Is Death

    Just because I tell you that I love you
    Doesn't mean that you have to love me too
    Even if i'm the first to say these words to you
    Don't be compelled to say them too... more »

  • The Killer Gaze

    That glaring gaze that turns
    the grey to black, water to muck
    drops my tray, spills my milk,
    roughens the silk... more »

  • Wanderlust

    When plundering hearts' desires
    drown the reasoning mind
    through marshland mires
    that boat I'll find... more »