• "Smaller World&Quot;

    Stretch out my hand humbly,

    I will be like the bridge for good people,... more »

  • “miss You My Love”

    When we go back to the memories,
    We will close our eyes a little bit,
    How many times we wish if we will be a spotter blind,
    So as to not wake up from those dreams,... more »

  • Because Of You

    Because of you my world is change

    Because of you I start love every thing... more »

  • Exchange Of Love Between Us

    I wonder when I see you,
    Has sent the Spirit spread aloof,
    And on your lips of snow come down my lips,
    And I bite your beautiful lips and flared fire,... more »

  • He&She

    Two lovers,

    The first ask,... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you,
    I love who love you,
    I breathe difficult,... more »

  • I Still Love You

    Tell me how I can describe you,

    Do you want to describe you from up to down,... more »

  • If I Will Die

    Your face shines like a sun,
    Like the noon when gave light,
    In the middle night,
    If you will go far away from me,... more »

  • O, Friend

    O, my friend,

    Am didn't seen a beautiful minute passed to me,... more »

  • She Hunted My Heart

    My God,
    You create this world,
    You know,
    What is in my heart?... more »

  • True Love

    Small planet
    Small world,
    People said listen to your mind,
    My mind said listen to your heart,... more »

  • Words

    Over the words..
    Meaning of the above meanings..
    Any word? ? ?
    Moiety word in your imagination.. Perhaps you reach the sea has no end... more »

  • You Are The Most Beautiful

    The beauty just for you,
    I can't describe your beauty from inside and outside,
    Your beauty made the people surprised on it,
    Your beauty overcome on the beauty of moon,... more »