My name is: Omar Khalid Hashim.... I didn't choose it.....! ! Do not know whether they have chosen me... Or is it chose me...? ? ? But it is certainly written in the sky before I was born on earth... Came from the first day when my eyes saw the light of life And will remain to last breath in my life and in the darkness of the grave... I hope to present in my life after my death is what makes Accompanied by words... Allah's mercy! ! I Extends from the first cry of panic launched from the shock of my departure from the global.... In the end I thank God and thank my parents for giving me this life and i will still thank them until i die.


Omar Khalid Hashim Poems

I Love You

I love you,
I love who love you,
I breathe difficult,... more »

“miss You My Love”

When we go back to the memories,
We will close our eyes a little bit,
How many times we wish if we will be a spotter blind,
So as to not wake up from those dreams,... more »

"Smaller World&Quot;

Stretch out my hand humbly,

I will be like the bridge for good people,... more »

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