• To Dream Or Not To Dream!

    We all have dreams, big and small.
    Some live a dream, body and soul.
    They have the means to live it all!
    Some have the means to live a dream.... more »

  • To Lie Or Not To Lie

    I wonder why they lie!
    And seek to justify!
    They know we know they lie.
    We know they can't deny.... more »

  • To My Love

    Not wealth, or anything I choose,
    And hope your love I never lose,
    Dear love, you shall always be,
    Immortal in my heart and ever happy,... more »

  • Tokens Of Love

    What gift can I give her in token of my love?
    It should be something most women think of!
    Something like a book, a perfume, or a rose.
    She can read the book wherever she goes.... more »

  • Torture Me No More

    Near my longing heart she lives,
    I can't be safe ere love she gives,
    When I want to be closely near her,
    When I advance in both her love and care,... more »

  • Two Little Boys

    Two little boys swore to holy friendship,
    There was no bond to tie them or kinship.
    Days went by fast, and they remained true,
    They took different paths in life, high and low.... more »

  • Two Reverse Acts

    He comes out of his hiding place,
    With a husky voice and a pale face.
    His words expose his phoney force,
    He puts the cart before the horse.... more »

  • Tyrants' Fame

    ... more »

  • Unkind Brother

    All religions praise and commend kindness
    All people, young and old, abhor meanness.
    Truth is always sought, but often twisted,
    By people who are cruel and self-interested.... more »

  • Virgin Rain

    I raised my eyes to see the rain.
    I thought it rushed to entertain.
    It was so pure; it was so great!
    I thought it was my coffee mate!... more »

  • What Would Shakespeare's Beloved Say?

    Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
    Please do and let me have my say.

    Thou art more lovely and more temperate.... more »

  • Who Cares?

    They see horrible things happen!
    They observe and take no action.
    Their sick defense is who cares! ?... more »

  • Who Rises To Greatness?

    Since time immemorial, since life flourished,
    People have craved for pride and freedom,
    They fought powerful tyrants and triumphed,
    They made sacrifices and rose to stardom.... more »

  • Why Buy?

    I know someone who buys books.
    I also know where else he looks.
    The books he buys remain closed.
    The stuff he gets is hardly used.... more »

  • Why Despair

    When you lose money, don't despair.
    Maybe you lost it, and it was fair.
    Who knows it could have been a lot of trouble;
    It could have made the price even double?... more »

  • Why Friends?

    Why Friends?
    They say friends should be few but good.
    I say friendship is better than brotherhood.
    We used to see them too often at school.... more »