Ontomu William Biography

I am a poet.Everywhere I go I am always reciting.Anything I say passes life over.I have a natural affection for poetry.Me and poetry, we are perfectly miscible substances.I did not grow in a poetic meadow, I was born and bred in a forest, in a thicket where I was lucky to be bruised by this thorn and that prickly spiny leaf.I loved that.I loved the roaring of the lions all day, for the message they passed across all day, I loved the rains and the resounding and striking thunderstorms, they gave me the energy I needed.I loved the growling of hungry wolves at night, It made me awake all night and made me responsive.Yet I had to move out, unconditionally from that cocoon, For I realized the world is big, so big to be left alone, too big to hassle alone, too lonely to wade alone.I had to come to its rescue for that is what I was meant to do, for that is what i AM meant to do. Wil I am.
So God help us,