• Born

    Nature gave birth to I, SunGoddes in the wilderness.

    The sun eclipsed, Clouds shut,
    Rivers serenated, millipedes and snakes hibernated.... more »

  • Give Me Seventy Times Seven Reasons

    ... more »

  • I Don'T Want To Talk About It

    Lets talk about the injury which the touch of that hand has laid upon mine.

    How about the string of words knitted together in depature by your lips to my bossom.... more »

  • I Had A Dream That I Killed You

    in front of a large entourage,
    my brainwashed followers pumped inspiration to..
    There wer about 5 of us, but i cud recall only 2.
    We sorrounded you, moving slowly backwards so u wont achieve escape.... more »

  • I Had A Dream That You Were Sorry

    because time passed/
    the many days that i have not been talking to you rushed/
    So you crawled your knees foward/&
    thats where i went dear God/... more »

  • I Promise You, I Think The Lord Is Calling Me.Can You Hear That?

    to my heart beat, to my sleeping soul/
    my yearns are burning and in heat, a story is about to unfold/
    Lord are you saying something? /... more »

  • I Was Going To Forgive You

    But before that, i just wanted to tell you that,
    im not your future, you cannot plan me, im not your future you cannot foretell me,
    im not your future i dont hold good things ahead of you..im not you future im not bright, i am infact the dark and lonely nights that you issued me.... more »

  • Mama Sang That Song

    ... more »

  • My Religion

    I never 'belived' that This Religion would ever, to me lie./
    Or take false, fatal wrongs, kill me, lay me down Die./
    This Cryptic, cheating, smart, stupid Religion that takes sides/
    My epic,1st row seating, timed watch, Cupid Religion that slices me into edible slides/... more »

  • My Water Just Broke

    Im poetically pregnant, like i keep opening my mouth, giving birth to rhymes, giving birth to metaphors like 'children, who is your daddy? '
    i remember making love to OpenMike, a few weeks later, i fell hard for QBase.
    One of these two impregnated me.... more »

  • Noted I

    It is not like desperacy or sycophancy
    At least it is genuine, honest
    Unrequited love... more »

  • Now That I Have Given Birth To You My Beautiful Words

    ..i shall name you maungo,
    and be fruitful indeed.... more »

  • Rest In Peace Kutlo

    I have seen a man cry,
    i have been in situations of instead and inspite.
    I have killed a bird and it died.... more »

  • Rip Chicco You Left A Hole In My Heart

    Who wil i open the gate for befor i go to school? who wil pay me secret visits at my house just to pee in my mothers Car rimmings? Im soo going to miss u.who will jump at my lap happy to see me? : (..and who wil go with me to the shops.Im soo going to miss u.I wil mis patting your neck... more »

  • The Art Of Losing

    ... more »

  • The Last Time I Said

    I love you,
    i lost 3buckets of tears and gained sorrow.
    The last time i gave it my all,
    walls around me seemed to fall.... more »

  • The Poet Was My Lover

    ... more »

  • Try To Love Me The Way I Are

    My...not soo burst chest.
    Flat tummy self..
    Not...so voluptuous.... more »