• A Broken Watch & A Broken Heart

    I've lost all track of time
    your sun will always be quick
    and in my mind its always been you
    it's been you into who's eyes I’ve stared... more »

  • As I Wait

    every turn of my feet
    with the turn of the knob
    head hung down the brick lain path and steps
    that i so gladly go alone yet again... more »

  • As I Wait (Part 2)

    i just cant quit this pen
    just as you and your flaming lips
    and its been round to many times
    since you've found yourself down here... more »

  • Eager Lights

    my feet are like ice
    the dim lamp up above
    what but a couple knocks
    to find out your not home... more »

  • For Salvaged Steel

    of what clouds brewed up this storm
    of who bears this barrel at hand
    the sun’s sweet palm props up my teeth
    to catch one last breath of cool breeze... more »

  • For Whats Blue In The Outside And Green In The In

    i cant quite recall my courtesies
    as your tag reads through the clouds
    with rooms full of clovers and rodents paws
    for wrapped up rackets and smiles... more »

  • Gone Fishing

    it lays me down to rest
    as I’ve been here for some time
    with the line drawn tight piercing my lip
    you crave the salmons sweet flavor... more »

  • Heavy Hitter

    Your words rip out my insides
    As white light pours through the cracks
    But still my heart sinks down
    Down with shipwrecks and out of reach... more »

  • My Flower

    from these murky depths miles down
    a flame flickers on through my skull
    it flickers for your velvety swoop
    for your golden green rings deep in mine... more »

  • Still Dreaming

    my first faultering steps find their way to your eyes
    yet looks have been known to decieve
    i've been churning & turning & burning for you
    i've been burning for inking this ink... more »

  • Time Machine

    fairy tales of a life not here
    and not one stitch alike
    with my blood spilled across your floor
    he saw nothing of the sort... more »

  • Uninsanity

    what a mashed and mangled mess
    with no obstacles but with worry
    because she cant take another blow
    not one more unwilling strike... more »