Well what can I say: My name Orla. I'm 13 years of age and I would die if I didn't have poetry in my life.
I'm not fond on reading poems, I prefair to write them.
My poems show how I feel about things and how others feel rather than making up feelings. I love writing poems and I'd love if one day I could make my poems into a book or something around that and get it published. I write about my feelings, others feelings, my friends, my family, but I also make up characters. I also do a bit of song writing. I'm not a master at it yet but one day I hope I will be. Please comment and vote on my poems and songs. In case you have any suggestions. Thanks, I hope you like my poems and songs.


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I am writing this for all of you, who have nowhere to stay. I hope it makes you happy, maybe someday.
I don’t know how you’re feeling, I don’t know what it’s like, to live your life out on the streets, with crime and gunfights.
If you feel one day, you can’t take it no more. Put them feelings aside, there are people out there.
I will try my best for you. To make them feelings go away. I know I can do it, just bear with me ok.... more »

Follow Your Heart.

What to do, what to say, how can this feeling go away?
Don’t know what I’ve done, or what i have to do, but i need to be like one of you.
Need a little help from somebody above, can somebody please show me some love.
Just because I look a mess unlike you, doesn't mean I’m not true.... more »

Sadness Upon Me

Why make me feel so sad inside? , my tears I cannot hide.
Why make me feel so lonely and cold? , surely you know I wasn’t bold.
Why make me feel like I’m not loved? , I’d force it on you if I could.
Why make me feel like nobody cares? , you then took away my teddy bears.... more »

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