• Abortion (The Words Of An Unborn Child)

    Tiny heart Tiny beat..
    The Paddling of two tiny feet.
    Smile stretching far and wide..
    Its the beginning of a little child... more »

  • First Kiss

    Shush let me tell you a story of a first kiss
    Let me show you what happened when two persons made the same wish... more »

  • Heart Ache

    When the heart aches, it pains
    Wishing for the bright days, no rains
    Spotless with no stains
    wishing for only love, nothing else to remain.... more »

  • If You Were

    If you were a song, I would play you all day long.
    If you were the sea, all day I would float on thee.
    If you were the sun, I would stand in your rays and not run.
    If you were a flower, I would admire you every second every hour.... more »

  • Life

    Is Today Our Last

    When will it be our time to go
    Could it be sometime today or maybe tomorrow?... more »

  • Love...

    Love is sweet and love is kind.
    When in Love, that special someone is always on your mind...... more »

  • No Scent, No Feel, No Sound

    The way it beats upon the chest
    The way it lays the weary head to rest
    The way it makes the knees feel weak
    The way it stays on one’s mind all week... more »

  • Pick Up The Phone

    Hey.......Hello.......Hi It’s me..I know you don’t want to talk..
    But baby... Baby please listen up....... more »

  • Proud To Be A Man

    So many things are said against us...
    even our very own. Put us down
    but that wont let me loose my focus
    not even put a frown under my crown...... more »

  • So Beautiful

    Those peaks are luscious yet firm
    Of which my endless gaze shall confirm
    I wish I could palm it all within my hand
    Its magnetic pull, I fail to withstand... more »

  • You

    Your eyes your lips, your silky hair.
    Your waist your hips your dead gorgeous stare.
    Your Walk your pose your womanly flare.
    Your Magnetic scent that draws me near.... more »

  • Your To Be Bride?

    You take time to think within the matters of your heart and decide. Decide, have you truly found your to be bride? Can your search for true love finally be put aside? You both admit true love, you both do show the fruits. But when there is an argue you feel she is ready to give the boot.

    Have you truly found your to be bride, the one on whom, for eternity you can rely? The one who will stick through thick and thin. The one who fades your losses and magnifies your wins. The smiles, laughs good times you two have shared, is it enough to make her the one you are to wed?... more »