• Death Poem: Musings Of The Wanderer

    Woe to him who be filled with dread,
    Who doth rot from within like old loaves of bread.
    Or to he who be encumbered by heavy heart,
    Who hath found it replaced by lead.... more »

  • Hazy Morning

    Hazy morning
    Lazy morning
    We lie entwined
    Upon a sea of sheets... more »

  • Lover's Folly

    My Lady is the eve of Spring-
    so cold, fetid, and dead.
    To her new life I bring
    through my blood of crimson red.... more »

  • My Fickle Angel

    My fickle angel and true soul’s divine
    Harbinger of joyful, lachrymose sign.
    Was the rosebud’s petal spoiled for spring;
    Did it ravenously devour our time?... more »

  • Ode To A Princess

    I would give thee a bed a roses,
    But the wind blew it away.
    For want of such I give thee poises,
    Yet they ever so quickly fade.... more »

  • Of Acknowledgement

    Malicious acts of kindness
    give way to infernal blindness.
    They bring only mindless
    dirges on the wind.... more »

  • The Wandering

    As the few of lonely merit,
    They pass beyond all sight and sound.
    For when the time comes to share it,
    They’ll stand upon unstable ground.... more »

  • Three-Fold Inquiry Of Truth

    A truth from without.
    Revelations that are told,
    incite trust and faith.... more »