• A Black Round Table

    A black round table, with glass in the middle.
    He used it to eat or write or even to solve a riddle.
    A five-year boy, so young and happy inside.
    A very beautiful lady, sitting by his side.... more »

  • A Broken Heart

    A broken heart has the deepest feeling.
    A sad eye has the sweetest tears.
    A lost ship has the fastest sailing.
    A loser's life has the bravest fears.... more »

  • A Letter For Her

    She asked me to write her a letter, maybe by this she'll know me better. But the point is, that I always miss, her name, her face and every place we've been there together. It's strange, how we started this? How two free souls become tied together?

    She asked me to write her a letter, maybe by this I'll remember her better. But the point is, that I'll never forget anything about her...never. She's always there with me... forever.... more »

  • Being Without You

    Being without you, I now confess,
    Lost in shadows out of heed.
    Your lovely face, that I so miss,
    Away from me? Your sight I need.... more »

  • Daydreams

    Daydreams are wishes dreamt to please,
    Your heart and mind, no one can cease.
    A ray of sunshine into your day,
    A gust of wind to sail away.... more »

  • Farewell

    Her dress is beige, roses in hand,
    Dimness in sight, haziness in my head.
    What is the matter lovelorn strand?
    I have no more hearts to shed.... more »

  • Graves Of Grief

    A fallen fool, alone and lost,
    Lost in a web wrinkled in time.
    Tears and grief were the host,
    The place: 'Happiness is a Crime.'... more »

  • I'Ll Cry No More

    Lonesome? Yes, I am. Lonely? Yes, It's me.
    But I won't sit in the dark; I'll be what I want to be.
    Tomorrow, I'll go out and look at the sun, smile and run.
    Tonight, I won't cry in bed. No, I'll rise and stand in pride.... more »

  • In Memoriam

    Close your eyes, my beloved, my dear,
    Gates of heaven with angels are near.
    Your shining eyes with tears are bare,
    And their lashes are moving by the air.... more »

  • Marble Heart

    Her marble heart fails to sail,
    Always stands on a lonely ground.
    It cannot receive my eyes' mail;
    All its beats have a muffled sound.... more »

  • Midnight Fairy

    Midnight was falling, in its dark cloak,
    Lighting each star in the sky chandelier,
    And their lights to my heart spoke:
    The midnight fairy is to appear.... more »

  • My Dearest Friend

    He turned his back and walked on me,
    Nothing to say, he walked away.
    My dearest friend was a brother to me,
    We've grown together, day by day.... more »

  • Places In Her Eyes

    Places in her eyes where I can see,
    All the colors of the seven seas.
    Places in her eyes where I can see,
    Visions, valleys, stars and dreams.... more »

  • Planting Life In A Battlefield

    The smoke came from the burning trees as we marched ahead.
    Victorious we marched though tired and cold, the mud was all around.
    Me and him with her were walking, but she knew what we intend.
    Suddenly, he stopped. She knelt on her knees; eyes both were closed.... more »

  • She Left In Peace With Grace

    She left in peace with grace,
    Yearning for love; searching for his face.
    She left in peace, with tears flowing from a lonely gaze,
    And death was her secret wish; her sacred place.... more »

  • The Very Next Morning

    The very next morning, after your good bye,
    I'm lying in bed; staring at the ceiling.
    O God! Let it be a dream, let it be a lie.
    Bitterness in throat, what an awful feeling!... more »

  • The Way She Makes Me Feel

    The way she makes me feel,
    To feel again the beats; to feel the love so real.

    The way she looks at me,... more »

  • To My Love

    For you only, I'm writing these lines.
    For you only, I in love now dive.
    With you only, words fall in rhymes.
    With you only, hearts feel alive.... more »

  • When

    When you give it all, and want nothing back.

    When you light them warmth, and burn your hands black.... more »

  • Why You Do?

    Me and you, hand in hand,
    Walking together in the morning dew.
    Two love birds in a peaceful land,
    I whispered softly: 'I love you.'... more »

  • Yes, She Kissed

    And yes, my lips she kissed,
    And I guess I haven't noticed,
    Coz I was somewhere, not here on this planet.... more »

  • You Are The Best

    You are the best dream I have ever dreamed.
    The best destiny I have ever claimed.
    The best name I have ever whispered.
    The best heart I have ever captured.... more »