• Diamante War

    Failing, Bailing
    Spying, Lying, Buying
    Charging, Enlarging... more »

  • It Is Done

    It is done
    She will never be back
    It is done
    She'll never feel again... more »

  • More Than Most

    Harriet Tubman was a slave,
    Her owners told her to behave.

    She worked real hard,... more »

  • Outsiders

    A simple conflict it started here.
    Behind the wall he's mugged here.
    Camaraderie will fail, so the beer
    Death, in defense, they all fear... more »

  • The Ultimate Price

    God and the soldier
    All men adored
    In time of trouble,
    Yet now no more,... more »

  • This Old Man

    This old man
    He said please
    So we gave him rainbow trees
    Now he's happy... more »