I've no much 2say/write abt me! ..jus know I'm one precocious child :)


Oscar Shedah Poems

Sorry It Had To End This Way.

If punishment for lying was straight death, I would have been dead from the first day i met you.If punishment for faking emotions was unconsciousness, I would have fainted the first day i kissed you.... more »

Dear Friend

Years have come years have gone, i'm so proud to still call you my friend.We haven't shared much, but our minds and souls surely have.I don't really know what's special into you, I don't really know why i keep missing you, maybe its your beauty, maybe its your charming character or maybe its the distance,... more »

Keep My Love Alive.

My love shines where there is darkness, My love smiles where there is sadness.My love has found a safe home, deep inside your empty heart, be like its mum, never let it get hurt.Strive, to keep my love alive, never let it starve, but let it survive... more »

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