Oscar Wilde Comments (16)

Oscar Wilde was an amazing person. We should all be proud to be different.
what was the tone in this poem that Oscar wiled made?
what is his shortest poem
He may be the most relateable best
this poem is very interesting love you oscar
YOOOOOOO WHAT IT IS WHAT ISSSSSSSSS. This dude was a fuckin AMAZING poet.9/11 was a hoax and we're all gonna die in fema camps regulated by the government of the U S OF A.
He was a great poet.
I like the above quatations by Oscar Wilde. And try to translate some into Russian.
An excellent poet.
You are the one who could play with words. Master of English language.
Oscar wilde is still the Lord of Language no budy could ever replace him.
His imagery and diction, everything is so extravagant and incredible. He will always remain as one of my favorites.
Sounds as if he is quoting Dante.
Every person has some genius-ness in his cells... brain...hands or body... Needs the chance to appear Needs the luck... You have...I have As small as it can be Even very small It is still geniusty...!
Wilde cryptic word spinning to somewhere in nowhere. He was no genius, a bewildered poet who thought he was a genius. Did the poem liberate him or anyone from its cage of flowery words bespeckled with Greek gods and goddesses? I tend to doubt it. A love for his own intellect, displayful of a pruriant pride in pining.
He was a literary genius. I enjoy his poetry immensely. Conspirative Nature stole his life prematurely.