• Absolutely Nothing

    Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines
    he wrote a poem
    And he called it 'Chops'
    because that was the name of his dog... more »

  • Divorce

    Silently creeping up
    Ripping hearts and lives apart, seam by seam
    Why does god hate me
    What did I do wrong... more »

  • Music

    A rainbow of harmonies, filled with ecstasy
    Poetry without words or rhymes
    Soothes the soul... more »

  • Smiles Are Like Makeup

    At my jokes.
    Crying.... more »

  • The Nightingale

    As the night falls, the silence falls.
    All the trees hush, blend
    with the mystic fragrance of flowers.
    The sky slowly darkens, becoming... more »

  • Warped And Twisted

    Harsh words & violent blows
    Hidden secrets nobody knows
    Eyes are open, hands are fisted
    Deep inside I'm warped & twisted... more »