Otonye Daniel hails from Basambiri, Nembe Local Government Area, Bayelsa, in Nigeria. He is from a polygamous family.. With a father who has three wives(DANIEL JOSHUA) .. And a mother(MEREMUBIO) who gave birth to 6 children of which he is the fifth.. He attended St. John's Prim. Sch., then fowarded to Gov't Comprehensive Secondary school were he schooled for 6yrs and graduated.. Fell in love with poetry but wants to be a diplomat.. Anyways he's been married by poetry and they are happily wedded.. He is still learning though.. And he loves narrative poetry like bananas




I saw a lady sweet and fair,
I saw her wearing white,
With eyes as blue and sweet as care,
She walked the adouring light.... more »

My Love Adieu

Weldone to summer'd days..
When we laugh'd n play'd in hays..
Kudos to winter'd nights..
When ur skin to me was warmth..... more »

The Braggarts

We are the bleeding battered brambled bushes from the gory gruelsome wars of the Irokos..
We are braaivleies from barbercues of the chefs..
We are the dried gormless gourds the tattlers tattle about..
We hold wine but never drink it, our mastdrs take them from us and leave us empty..... more »


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