• 0) Raising The Antenna

    The beat of a drum, smoke of fire, the
    Alphabets or decimal system
    Built as an antenna to carry the sounds of the
    Souls, from passion to the virtues of wisdom... more »

  • 0) Sonnet Of The Wise (Senior Citizens)

    We extend our courtesy to those we call the wise
    Because we saw how much they had given
    Courtesies we never vied to memorize
    That came with a hug and a how to begin... more »

  • 0) A Child's Sonnet (From Affine Tree)

    They're more diplomatic because they dream
    Of adolescence too far away to hold
    Until time can soon redeem
    The stories of growing up which they love to be told... more »

  • 0) A Dollar And It's Value (Balllad) (From Affine Tree.)

    A penny means that you're on the right track
    A nickel means that you're half
    A dime means that you deserve a pat on the back
    A quarter is to let you know you're not by yourself... more »

  • 0) A Toast To Our Tears (Poetry / Duet)

    The fire that started the evening off seemed to
    have been cooled with understanding and good advice... more »

  • 0) Cantico Delle Creature (Due) (Song Of Nature) (Poetry)

    Pieces that refer to beings of nature...

    A Veritable Friend (The Birds)... more »

  • 0) Hope Of The Day (Sonnet) (From The L.O.M.)

    Love, I was born, diversity was raised
    Confusion, I have known; pain, I have phrased

    Books, rules, wisdom, in life I tried to learn... more »

  • 0) Houston's Sherry

    In Houston's Sherry, I found different aspects of that romance
    For with a heart packed full of dreams and promises
    And a nice smile fixed with silent pride,
    She stepped between a cup of coffee and my life, for a... more »

  • 0) Job's God (Ballad - Fath)

    Is it the one who allowed the sea to be
    parted and crossed with a prayer and a rod
    Placing the sun in the Heavens while
    patiently whispering that I am Job's God... more »

  • 0) Life And Life With Cadence (From The L.O.M. & Affine Tree)

    We're here because of what they did in the past
    And more will follow because of what we do
    The things we vie to build should also last
    Things we also vie to build with virtue... more »

  • 0) Maggie & Quest (Poetry / Duet)

    It would be impossible to
    Expect them to understand,
    For what we feel is such... more »

  • 0) Mail For The Current Class (Ballad)

    We barely fit into the auditorium as the class sat from stands to floor
    Then as they initiated the dreaming, the mail came walking through the door

    A brand new car appeared with a promise for an engine and a right way to steer... more »

  • 0) Mass Corporation: (The Dell Assembly Plant)

    A fervid quest, but one that emanates a languid face
    Until each part of the dream begins to give it life
    And the more hands that reach into the vat, only
    Quickens the pace... more »

  • 0) Miracle's And The Capt.'s Lullaby (Sonnet)

    When back, besides writing and brooding, trying to put things in perspective, playing with 'Capt.' and Miracle; my nephew and niece; and introducing them for their first birthday and every other infant and toddler, and all children, to Agatha Cristie, trying to fly straight around the room, and in life, ...

    In this world I am sure that you will find
    That Liberty has a soul as well as mind... more »

  • 0) Miracles From Poe In 'em' No.1 (Sonnet) (From Affine Tree)

    Sometimes to clear the mind, renewed affairs with prolixity
    Since being alone can make the heart friends with the sullenly

    Yet I know that the answers aren't always euphoric... more »

  • 0) Miracles From Poe In 'em' No.2 (Sonnet) (From Affine Tree)

    The years have sullied, though they have shortened my indignation
    Questioning the integrity and strength of my appellation

    By order and repute, changing my patronymic fate... more »

  • 0) Ode To Africa (Poetry)

    ... more »

  • 0) Ouotes For Fun (Qoutes) (From The Lom)

    When is a hamburger as good as a rare stake?
    When it's done by someone you know well, OK

    Why does Route 66 ends in San Francisco?... more »

  • 0) Ouotes For Fun (Qoutes) (From The Lom)

    When is a hamburger as good as a rare stake?
    When it's done by someone you know well, OK

    Why does Route 66 ends in San Francisco?... more »

  • 0) Progress (From Affine Tree)

    Things do return
    When something has been put in
    After taking the right things out
    Or letting the right ones stay within... more »

  • 0) Runner's Dilemma Prose / Ballad

    In 1994 I put down everything I was doing and went for a walk to think for a while. After thinking, I tried to put my life back together; I tried to put all of the pieces that I wanted to keep into some type of perspective. I made a list of some of the things that were most important in my life at that time, played around with the words and letters for a while, and came up with the acronym; Otradom PeloGo. It became my way of saying all the things you should say to others and myself into one simple phrase. As the phrase, it's simply stated as;
    (Observe and Travel with Wisdom.
    Peace, Love, and God be with You;
    Otradom PeloGo.)... more »

  • 0) Shopping In The Mall

    Even before you're half way done, the mall can leave
    You satisfied but yet breathless
    And what to bring and take can give a new meaning To "The Young and the Restless"... more »

  • 0) Sonnet Of A Most Complex Situation

    Make A Drum

    Make a drum from the sound of misery,
    listen to the sound; let it set you free.... more »

  • 0) Sonnet Of The Nation's Capitol - America (Prose / Sonnet)

    1998 has been an incredible year; one of the most incredible things was to go to Washington, DC and visit the Nation's Capitol. I realized, standing there on the steps of the Capitol building, at that very moment, there was no greater place in the world to be. America's past and present made it not only one of the greatest political, cultural, and economical centers of the world, but because of all of that, one of the most spiritual centers of our world also.
    I also found it enlightening that president Clinton, his wife; first lady, Hilary, and daughter Chelsea, have one of the most demanding jobs in our nation; to vie every day of their lives, to speak appropriately, regardless of the circumstances, for the United States of America. Whether it was Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, or Bush, under the most trying circumstances, we still have the assurance that each person in that situation will continue to uphold one of the greatest political and moral duties.
    There seemed to be quite a bit about the president in the news lately; hopefully the best will turn out for all without any permanent or serious scars to any of those involved; Monica Lewinsky, and the president and his family.
    And with this new enlightenment comes also an important view; perspective; although one that's quite obvious. Whether we are a family, business, the Department of Defense, local, state, or national government, although sovereign and independent, like a machine with many different parts, we work as one, and must do that job well:... more »

  • 0) Sonnet Of The Pacific

    It's taken ten years to realize you have to say hello before good-bye
    To her mountains, sunsets, her skies and peoples
    So when she follows, it will be dreams that follow a sigh
    Of Schools, highways, buildings and steeples... more »