• A.T.O.M.

    I lived for these days
    a time older, a time wiser.
    The few years on this poised
    sphere wishing today to be... more »

  • Absolutionist Sun

    My head was up towards
    our sun that always controlled
    the orbit of our rocky globe.... more »

  • Chasing Charlie

    I was hiemal and isolated
    that winter season, when I
    lumped inside that empty rune.
    The time I never knew about you,... more »

  • Forward In Time

    It will always be in a simpler time
    when all the green spades in the air
    would fall through themselves, and pour.... more »

  • Lilium

    The flashes brighten to tingling shapes.
    They tremble. They tremble,
    and so softly fill the wedges on my palms.... more »

  • Roentgenium

    All my friends showed me what
    disintigrated them;
    showed me what would happen
    when far off distances of blood... more »

  • Rustaveli Avenue

    Your job is to tell who you are.
    And that bus,
    what is it exactly?... more »

  • Scarlet

    At the punch of a clock,
    the birds make their unwelcome
    noise because they just do.
    They're crows.... more »

  • Send Us A Rocket

    I am in transparency.
    I can't see a path.
    I can't see what I'm doing
    but I can pass the waters.... more »