• 1xnone=0

    i think we must
    all think separately
    before we can think
    alike... more »

  • 5: 25 Am

    She is awake.
    The coffee percolates.
    The chiminea burns brightly
    On the sundeck, where... more »

  • A Dido Affair

    the more perfect
    love is
    the more pain it feels
    when gone... more »

  • A Single Sparrow

    I tread across
    the fallen crust
    of fall
    to glimpse into... more »

  • A Turning Way

    two children stood talking
    on a sidewalk,
    time passed... more »

  • American City

    two couples walk together
    each hand-in-hand
    barely noticing the igniting sounds
    of a street light's incandescent glitter... more »

  • Augustine Thoughts

    I read
    some Augustine thoughts
    and can only conclude... more »

  • Awakening

    I saw flowers
    unfurling elegance
    their red cloaks
    expanding... more »

  • Bartender On A Corner

    she was not beautiful
    but her hair
    it was her darkness i caught... more »

  • Because

    What of such truth which subjugates
    before it falls
    from lips
    to cast its hope across all works... more »

  • Belief

    spring enchants the grays of winter
    tearing all from it that grants its power
    with her charms and ease of step
    she glides about divine in grace... more »

  • Blue Marbles

    what an ice cream dream

    the coolness of her
    stare... more »

  • Charge Of The Gray Brigade

    is but reward
    for what a part
    of humanity... more »

  • Connoisseur

    your look enslaves
    with silken softness... more »

  • Copper-Clad - The Right Percent

    Remulins tout
    their only emblem
    a senile demented old man
    governor from the pathetic land... more »

  • Crime

    i can not imagine a horror greater
    than that of being executed
    for a crime another committed... more »

  • Crusoe

    he sat alone sipping
    his Bloody Mary
    a concoction
    of many nutrients... more »

  • Cubed

    today i built a box
    a perfect cube
    side cubed equals volume... more »

  • Cycles

    i rest my being
    its upward gaze
    towards clouds that tease the sun,
    wanting to uncover and expose... more »

  • Dandelion

    We are a speck
    and what a glorious ride
    it is... more »

  • Dark Feeling

    what a thing... more »

  • Debris

    space debris in fifty pound
    crashing all around
    the world... more »

  • Diane

    She spreads before me
    I devour without thought,
    Everything there was
    Without thought,... more »

  • Dog Dreams

    If i wandered
    through sanded desert
    it would lead... more »

  • Even Though

    even though
    there were those
    less fortunate
    and they brought wonder... more »