Owen Suffolk born in England in 1829 he was a clerk by profession, but was transported to Australia, for a 7 year term when he was just 18 years old.

Upon his release, in 1848 he was convicted of horse stealing being jailed for the second time. Only a few weeks after his release from that jail term he and a friend, Christopher Farrell held up a mail coach.

He was captured and returned to prison for a 3rd term, where he worked as a clerk.

The authorities were very pleased with his work,and he obtained an early release. After his release it was discovered that he had been 'doctoring' prisoners records.

He had ample opportunity to earn a living in his chosen profession, but he chose once again turned to crime, and was again sentenced for horse stealing shortly afterwards.

During his fifth prison term he earned the title of 'The Convict Poet'.

After released from prison this time, he returned to England.

He had not learnt form his mistakes and found himself in trouble with the law there for 'confidence tricks'. He faked his drowning and escaped to America with the proceeds of a wealthy widows money.

In 1868 he was reported to be alive and well and enjoying himself in New York.


Owen Suffolk Poems

I Feel That I Am Free

To me the sky looks bluer,
And the green grass greener still,
And earth's flowers seem more lovely
As they bloom on heath and hill.... more »

Untitled 4

Mother! Darling mother, you are seeking me I know,
And I feel thy love will follow through the world where'er I go;
But I cannot come, dear mother; I am sadly altered now:
The once fair wreath of innocence that garlanded my brow... more »

My Memory's Care

Sing not to me a song of beauty bright,
Nor festive scenes of dazzling light;
Nor of gorgeous pageant in palace hall
Begemmed with many a coronal;... more »

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