Dr. Joshua is a resident of Montclair, New Jersey;
he is an engineer with a passion for Reformed Biblical Theology, Philosophy, and a love for poetry.

His technical publications include the following:
“Emerging Technologies Making a Business Case for Networking Convergence” O S Joshua & C. Coutras; ASCOMS, TELE-INFO, AEE '03 New York, USA, September 14-17,2003

“A Three-Prong Business Case Centered Approach to Sustainable Network Solutions” O S Joshua & C. Coutras; IMT Conference Proceeding, Orlando FL, December 8-10,2004


Oyekake Satty (O. S.) Joshua Poems

A Calling

This calling within, this burden,
That growls and beckons daily
To dreams or realms of vagary
And its path shunned by sureness... more »

A Lavender Rose

The stunning ethereal beauty of a Lavender Rose
The distinctive shades of light and captivating allure
The enchanting regal majesty, royalty and splendor
Grants us an unforgettable experience at a glimpse... more »

No Competing Passions

It's not that I am good or strong,
Or virtuous, on my own strength
To frustrate the many temptations
You see, 'there's no crime of which... more »

Oyekake Satty (O. S.) Joshua Quotes

Secondhand information are like corrupted files, you cannot trust them.
O.S. Joshua
Facts are facts; they are no less factual because their proponents are your enemies.
O. S. Joshua
Silenced truths benefit no one but the guilty, or the man with evil intentions.
O. S. Joshua

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Jenda Lecroy 28 Mar 2010 09:45
Awesome poem. I really liked it.