• A Calling

    This calling within, this burden,
    That growls and beckons daily
    To dreams or realms of vagary
    And its path shunned by sureness... more »

  • A Change!

    A gentle whisper to prod me
    To unveil a path - a new direction
    Or to steer me passionately thus
    To invoke a desire - an awareness... more »

  • A Christmas Haiku

    It's Christmas season
    Merry and bright all around
    And soon carolers... more »

  • A Day Without Devotion

    And flustered by emotions
    These rocky waves persisting
    My day with uneasiness beckons
    All my activities now besieged... more »

  • A Deep Sleep

    Send me into a deep sleep
    Let me sleep through ten thousand tomorrows
    And my sorrows and heartaches arrested.... more »

  • A Familiar Heartbeat

    A familiar beat in my heart
    Pulsates with joyful melody
    Reassures and encourages,
    To urge me along this path... more »

  • A Feigned Smile

    To see your face
    To behold your smile
    To take your hand
    To walk with you... more »

  • A Fragrance

    Let me be to God
    The fragrance of Christ
    A sweet savor of His glory
    A reflection of His character... more »

  • A Friend Of The Bridegroom

    To live as a friend of the bridegroom
    To seek to serve His interest not mine
    To advance His cause behind the scenes
    To work behind Him to serenade Him... more »

  • A Garden Of Love

    In the intimate hand of marital bliss
    In the inner sanctum of divine ecstasy
    Within this sacrosanct garden of love
    Where pleasures abound night and day... more »

  • A Generous Gift

    Your presence my anticipation
    Your infectious smile awaited
    Now a generous sight to behold
    An air of freshness and beauty... more »

  • A Heartfelt Smile

    Your smile in this ambient grace
    Her refulgence here sets aglow
    While many still prefer to frown
    To douse every flicker and glare... more »

  • A Hiding Place

    Covered by His righteousness alone
    Hidden under the wings of His love
    I find my protection and persistence
    And thus layer by layer being purged... more »

  • A Last Hello

    Stop by and say hello
    And wish me goodbye
    Give me a rousing adieu
    And that lovable smile... more »

  • A Lavender Rose

    The stunning ethereal beauty of a Lavender Rose
    The distinctive shades of light and captivating allure
    The enchanting regal majesty, royalty and splendor
    Grants us an unforgettable experience at a glimpse... more »

  • A Legacy Of Life And Love

    While this body may leave, the soul never will die!
    Neither will our legacy to our descendants here
    Therefore, let our lives on this earth count for much
    And more than making a living or securing a home,... more »

  • A Man's Disposition

    As goes a man’s disposition
    So goes the mind
    And so goes the man... more »

  • A Momentary Reprieve

    I am sold to His Cause
    How can I choose another
    When I know the other
    Is subordinate to my Lord?... more »

  • A New Year's Wish

    May you find the presence of the Lord
    Our God, your most desirable longing
    And a place of peace
    Throughout the coming year!... more »

  • A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

    I am not avoiding you
    You have not done me wrong.
    I am just hiding from everyone
    To bear the shame of my failures alone.... more »

  • A Poem

    A paragraph or a page
    Cut out of a manuscript
    A moment or a snapshot
    An instant in a lifetime... more »

  • A Rift - Incongruity

    You bow before your god
    You prostrate before his face
    You pour your heart and soul
    In your worship and adoration... more »

  • A Rose For Paula

    A rose for Paula:
    Whose beauty is sparkling sunshine,
    Whose smile lights up my morning,
    Whose face reveals spiritual essence,... more »

  • A Season Of Hope

    I looked about me and found no one
    No hand to lift me out of the deep
    No ointment to salve these wounds
    I was exhausted, weary and broken... more »

  • A Season Of Love And Friendship

    This blessed moment of acquaintance
    This unintentional but fateful meeting
    A consoling presence, soothing breeze
    This pleasant spirit, a newfound friend... more »