• A Killer's Instinct

    i desire death so
    inflict it upon the unwilling
    anger not a consideration
    pity never a motive... more »

  • About Me

    sometimes I wonder about me, am perplexed and really feel
    that I am one hated bitch destined to live life free
    of everything necessary to bring out the woman in me... more »

  • Let Me Love You Please.

    remedy my loneliness and raise
    me from my lowliness and praise
    regard my loveliness and craze
    refine my wistfulness and amaze... more »

  • Lie To Me

    so please lie to me, do tell me a fib
    make me fall in love, wait... already did
    and now i need it all, over again
    so lie to me baby, call me your friend... more »

  • Looky In Lieu I Wanna See You

    so once again casting off inhibitions
    i am bitten on the end of my aspirations
    thus boot the non existing ambitions
    to face my dream of your face in reality... more »

  • Nobody.

    Nobody loves you now
    Least nobody more than me

    Nobody cares that how... more »

  • Osama And Obama

    so the bomb blasted him
    and now he is dead
    get on TV to gloat
    boast and make US... more »

  • Purple Heart And The Bagdad Five.

    Broken hearts when you went away
    Serve government and God they say
    Deploy to where they need control
    Weekly recon; daily patrol... more »

  • Sit And Go

    Players assemble six I know
    The buy-ins presented, sit and go
    Drinks poured, cigars lit, chips piled high
    Hope luck is my bitch, that's all right... more »

  • Victim

    a smile incorrigibly direct
    an intent undisclosed
    enticing voice pulling, needs
    accentuating my desire a... more »

  • Your Photograh

    It's a very personal thing a photograph
    taken one moment from another's laugh
    caught unawares or thought portrayed
    a moment of now forever stayed... more »