PAN P A NOUSHAD 4 may 1971

P A NOUSHAD [NOUSHAD PARAYULLATHIL ANIYAPRAVAN], ENGLISH POET, INDIAN AUTHOR, INDIAN ATHLETE, ORATOR, THINKER, TRANSLATOR, TEACHER and FARMER, was born at PATHIRIPPATTA [KANDOTHKUNI], Kerala, INDIA on 4th May 1971 as the eldest son out of the four children of his parents, Kunhammad Parayullathil House and Asiya Puthiya Veettil House. P A Noushad is known as the TEACHER OF THE WORLD by the media due to the presence of his students all over the world. He is considered one of the most loved and respected teachers by the students.P A Noushad is the winner of the BEST TEACHER AWARD from the Government of Kerala, India in 2019.He is the winner of THE NATION BUILDER AWARD from the ROTARY CLUB INTERNATIONAL in 2019.He is also known as SHOMSI in Europe, Australia, Africa and American Continents. He won the recognition from the Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace England in 2010 and the British Deputy High Commissioner Mike Nithavrianakis honored him at Vatakara. From a local literary profile he rose to global fame by the beginning of twenty first century owing to his presence in the English literary world, presence in the international poetry festivals and the recognitions.His English speeches on YouTube on different topics for the students of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of California, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology etc are widely acclaimed across the world.He won the Award for his contributions in the fields of literature and teaching, from the Minister for Education of Kerala State Government, India-M A BABY in 2009.He won the Recognition and The Award Of Honor from the Minister for transport of Kerala State Government, India-A K Saseendran at St Antony's School in 2017.He won the Best Teacher Award at New Indian Model School Al Garhoud, Dubai in 2016. He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former Union Minister O Rajagopal in Kozhikode, India in 2013.He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former Union Minister Mullappally Ramachandran in India in 2012.He is the winner of Indian Ruminations Award for English literature at Gandhibhavan Thiruvanandapuram in 2014.He is the winner of the GREAT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his contributions in the fields of athletics, literature and teaching, during the National Day of UAE in 2016.He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former State Education Minister E T Mohammed Basheer in Kozhikode, India in 2014.He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former Minister for Industries and Information Technology P K KUNHALIKUTTY in Kozhikode, India in 2012.He bagged the Elena Best Laureate State Award for English Literature in Kozhikode, India in 2009.P A NOUSHAD participated in the World Masters Athletic Championship for the hundred meters and two hundred metres running race in Australia representing India in 2016 and did a notable performance among the professional international athletes.He translates the outstanding regional language works into English. He translated the stories of Akbar Kakkattil into English and the book 'The Selected Stories of Akbar KakkattiI' was published in Kerala. The students are reciting his poems and get higher grades in different competitions all over the world.He writes the educational articles in different dailies and magazines across the world. He donates his blood to the patients in each three months interval. He is very good at the martial art Kalarippayattu and Karate. He has been an active social worker during the natural disasters for many years. He is working for the environmental protection, planting trees and aware the students about it. He is very active in humanitarian works for the betterment of the poor and suppressed people.You can visit him at BBC NEWS, ESPN, HBO, Al Jazeera TV Channel, CNN TV Channel, Manorama News TV Channel, MediaOne News TV Channel, Kannur Vision TV Channel, HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, OXFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LIBRARY, NEW YORK TIMES NEWSPAPER, THE SUN NEWSPAPER, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, GULF TIMES: Best teacher award receipient gets honoured in Doha, P A NOUSHAD YouTube; The Hindu: Poems are his passion; Verses that transcend boundaries and touch souls; The Times of India: Murder politics opens up new oeuvre in fiction here; The New Indian Express: Buckingham Palace springs a surprise on Noushad; Of Khalil Gibran's mysticism and the truth of existence; Deccan Chronicle: Kakkattil gets his due, posthumously; P A Noushad to pen pride in World Athletics; .He writes in English dailies.His works: LUMINOUS THOUGHTS-translation, TOUCH OF THE SOUL- poetry collection published by Olive Publications, BEING INTO INFINITY- poetry collection published by Monsoon Editions, DREAMS AND TEARS- poetry collection published by Root and Wings; LOVE AND LOVE- poetry collection published by Monsoon Editions, SELECTED STORIES OF AKBAR KAKKATTIL-translation- published by Luminous Publications. His works have been translated into different languages.l Kannur Vision TV channel, Kerala, India telecasts P A Noushad's EASY ENGLISH Programme in every week. His wife: RAHEEMA NOUSHAD. Children: AJSEL P A and AFEEF P A. His brothers: NASAR P A, NAJEEM P A and NAVAS P A. His grand fathers: KUTTYALI KALLANKOT HOUSE, KUNHAMMAD PUTHIYA VEETTIL HOUSE. His grand mothers: MARIYAM KALAYAMKULATH HOUSE, KUNHAYISHA PUTHIYA VEETTIL HOUSE.Sister in law: SAFIYA NAVAS and SFANA NAJEEM. Nephew: ANFAS P A and NEHYAN P A.Niece: RIFA P A. Address: P.A.Noushad, parayullathil-house, Kandothkuni, pathirippatta-po, kakkattil-via,673507-pin; kerala, india; His contact phone number is +91 9745586855,
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Wings of love and affection embrace eternity.
P A Noushad
Wings of innocence place us near God.
P A Noushad
Mind gets its tranquility when you realize yourself.
p a noushad

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P A Noushad is a highly skilled, multi-talented, internationally acclaimed and athletic poet of the modern world from Kerala, India, who writes beautiful and richly knowledgeable poems, which are beneficial for society. I have read and reviewed his poems with great satisfaction. Soul sings songs of eternity in his poems and filial love has great value in his art. Naturally God gifted poet Noushad amazes us reflecting his inner values in his poems of high philosophy through his perseverance.
I am wishing all the best to poet P A NOUSHAD for his high literary perseverance! May God bring happiness for him! BEST WISHES FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul, Ranked #309 on date 23 May 2020, Saturday, Ranked # 320 on date 24 May 2020, Sunday, #334 on date 25 May 2020, Monday, and ranked #325 on date 26 May 2020, Tuesday, #335 on date 27 May 2020, Wednesday, on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information)
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