P.C. McKinnon began writing poetry in 1992 while attending undergraduate school at the University of Central Florida. The back-to-back deaths of two friends in 2002 and 2003, re-kindled his need of expression. He began writing with passion and urgency to share his thoughts on a myriad of life issues. The second of these two deaths – lifelong friend Robert Riccio (from McKinnon’s birthplace) – became the catalyst for his first published collection 'If Only Yet The Fog.'

The poetry of P.C. McKinnon is full of emotion, provocative and often confessional. His poetry is, also, often philosophical in nature with the intent of drawing out the reader's own critical thinking and emotion on a topic. The publisher of If Only Yet The Fog writes: “His emotion rings clear in this book. Confessional, sometimes funny, and thought provoking, he captures the day-to-day life of urban living — a mind bored, dissatisfied, sarcastic, searching for escape and drawing out the reader’s own emotion on a range of topics.”


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The Marriage Of A Poem

For Talia

There is something about
An empty page... more »

Upon Our Third Anniversary

I wanted to speak with you today.
You could only stare at me... more »

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