• A Super Power

    There are days I wish that I could fly
    I would glide over to her chamber window
    and together we would sail into the sky
    leaving the cold, wicked world below.... more »

  • Engravings In The Wood

    Engravings in the wood
    chipped bark that is carved off well
    by a knife of small shape and size
    letters are written on tree by a young child... more »

  • In Pieces

    How can I pick up thy heart
    scattered on the floor, in pieces
    broken by the one I trusted most
    torn by betrayal, lies and lust.... more »

  • Merritt

    I was at a launch party in search of adventure and swill
    when something occurred that evening; it was fantastic!
    As she strolled into view, both time and space stood still
    I was in the presence of greatness within that small attic.... more »

  • The Animal

    The animal travels across a country plain,
    with little need to justify or explain,
    its value towards life and the sky above,
    or what it might want, need, admire or love.... more »

  • The Rain Must Fall

    The rain must fall
    throughout all the lonely nights and days
    watching as the ground is given it's much needed shower
    the soil soaking up every precious little drop.... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    Thinking of you
    brings much pleasure and harmony to my life
    every time I appreciate how lucky I am
    to have such an remarkable and caring person... more »