• Ode To Sleep

    Gentle divinity, how have I merited?
    Whither, unfortunate wretch, have I strayed,
    Thus of thy bounty to lie disenherited -
    I alone whilst every other is paid?... more »

  • Thebais - Book One - Part I

    Fraternal rage, the guilty Thebes’ alarms,
    Th’ alternate reign destroyed by impious arms,
    Demand our song; a sacred fury fires
    My ravished breast, and all the muse inspires.... more »

  • Thebais - Book One - Part Ii

    A robe obscene was o’er her shoulders thrown,
    A dress by fates and furies worn alone. us
    She tossed her meagre arms; her better hand’... more »

  • Thebais - Book One - Part Iii

    Oh race confed’rate into crimes, that prove
    Triumphant o’er th’ eluded rage of Jove!
    This wearied arm can scarce the bolt sustain,
    And unregarded thunder rolls in vain:... more »

  • Thebais - Book One - Part Iv

    For by the black infernal Styx I swear,
    (That dreadful oath which binds the thunderer)
    ‘Tis fixed; th’ irrevocable doom of Jove;
    No force can bend me, no persuasion move.... more »

  • Thebais - Book One - Part V

    The king once more the solemn rites requires,
    And bids renew the feasts, and wake the fires.
    his train obey, while all the courts around
    With noisy care and various tumult sound.... more »

  • Thebais - Book Two

    Now Jove’s Command fulfill’d, the Son of May
    Quits the black Shades and slowly mounts to Day.
    For lazy Clouds in gloomy Barriers rise,
    Obstruct the God, and intercept the Skies;... more »