• (still) Lost Flight

    Oh, search for the plane goes on
    In rough southern Indian Ocean... more »

  • Airport Artist

    Late one balmy summer night
    Had few hours for a transit flight
    In the lounge of the enormous Changi
    To fly over to the land of River Yangtze... more »

  • Airport Beats

    In a corner of the swanky airport
    He sat cross-legged in comfort

    He seemed of Caucasian descent... more »

  • Anger

    They say count three
    When you are angry.
    Number counting always deceives me!... more »

  • Birthday

    The pit stop between
    Years past and the one just born
    To refuel through good wishes.... more »

  • Blessing

    Showered in measures
    Disproportionate to prayers... more »

  • Bougainvillea

    Its flowers flimsy, papery
    Not fragrant, unsuited for bouquets
    But so colourful, it serve as borders.... more »

  • Bridge Of Life (And Lifeless)

    An experience it was, very exhilarating

    Over this suspended span, speeding... more »

  • Canarese Verses

    I decided we'd leave for this vacation
    To north of our state, whatever may happen
    Should heavens fall at my workplace,
    I will call them 'Christmas snowflakes'!... more »

  • Care

    Is to beating heart,
    What oxygen is to lungs,
    And pure blood to brain!... more »

  • Celestial Diwali

    Here's a memory's burst on festival of lights
    Radiant lamps danced to baby winter breeze
    They sat pretty, side by side on parapets
    They gaily greeted neighbours and guests... more »

  • Children

    No substitute no exchange
    Never a version upgrade... more »

  • Climate

    Signposts of Nature.
    Announcing her mood to world
    Accept, don't change it!... more »

  • Clouds (#1)

    ... more »

  • Clouds (#2)

    Freely floating across skies
    So needed for rain, hail, snow... more »

  • Coco Coolers

    The noisy smoke-spewing pickup truck
    Lumbered to halt under the huge banyan tree
    Shaded green, should be many scores old
    On lonely stretch of narrow village road... more »

  • Coffee Poetry

    So do we at all now need a debate truly
    About this: the humble cup of coffee?
    May be necessary, may not be obligatory
    But I'm starting one through this poetry!... more »

  • Colonial Relics

    Of Egyptian antiquities, it was a exhibition
    Stunned I was, in my work break, by the collection:
    Preserved mummies, intricate masks
    Delicate statuettes, alabaster vases... more »

  • Contentment

    Humans always yearn
    For what's not on hand.
    But when content, will creative fire burn?... more »

  • Conversation Conundrum

    We say a 'simple' command
    And assume it's easy to understand
    Then realise that message 'simple'
    Was never that, after all!... more »

  • Dawn

    Fleecy eastern clouds
    Line up blushing to welcome
    Rising sun, new day!... more »

  • Desire

    Pangs hard to ignore
    Fangs painful, deep its gore... more »

  • Dockside Leather

    Another of those work breaks
    At pretty Pier 39 of San Francisco docks
    It was summer in that breezy Pacific coast
    'But still cold' told my thick wool overcoat... more »

  • Dusk

    Merry coloured clouds
    Paint pictures on sky canvas
    Last hurrah for night!... more »

  • Dussera - A Festival Of Dolls

    Come October - it's time for our Dussera dolls
    After a year-long rest and slumber in the attic
    They all wake up ready to meet and greet all
    Out of wrapped-up bags, out of carton box... more »