• A Ballad Maker

    ONCE I loved a maiden fair,
    Over the hills and jar away,
    Lands she had and lovers to spare,
    Over the hills and far away.... more »

  • A Connachtman

    IT'S my fear that my wake won't be quiet,
    Nor my wake house a silent place :
    For who would keep back the hundreds... more »

  • A Cradle Song

    O men from the fields,
    Come gently within.
    Tread softly, softly
    O men coming in!... more »

  • A Drover

    To Meath of the pastures,
    From wet hills by the sea,
    Through Leitrim and Longford
    Go my cattle and me.... more »

  • A Mountaineer

    ERE Beowulf's song
    Was heard from the ships,
    Ere Roland had set
    The horn to his lips:... more »

  • A Poor Scholar Of The 'Forties

    MY eyelids red and heavy arc
    With bending o'er the smold'ring peat.
    I know the Aeneid now by heart,
    My Virgil read in cold and heat,... more »

  • A Rann Of Exile

    NOR right, nor left, nor any road I see a comrade face,
    Nor word to lift the heart in me I hear in any place;... more »

  • A Saint

    THE stir of children with fresh dresses on,
    And men who meet and say unguarded words,
    And women from the coops
    Of drudgeries released;... more »

  • A Seer

    'BELOW there are white-faced throngs,
    Their march is a tide coming Higher;
    Below there are white-faced throngs,... more »

  • Achill Girl's Song

    I’d bring you these for dowry
    A field from heather free,... more »

  • Across The Door

    THE fiddles were playing and playing,
    The couples were out on the floor;
    From converse and dancing he drew me,
    And across the door.... more »

  • An Drinaun Donn

    A HUNDRED men think I am theirs when with them I
    drink ale,
    But their presence fades away from me and their high spirits fail... more »

  • An Idyll

    You stay for a while beside me with your beauty young and rare,
    Though your light limbs are as limber as the foal's that follows the mare;... more »

  • An Old Song Re-Sung

    As I went down through Dublin city
    At the hour of twelve of the night,
    Who did I see but a Spanish lady
    Washing her feet by candle light.... more »

  • An Old Woman Of The Roads

    O, to have a little house!
    To own the hearth and stool and all!
    The heaped up sods against the fire,
    The pile of turf against the wall!... more »

  • Aquarium Fish

    MOULD-COLOURED like the leaf long fallen from
    The autumn branch, he rises now, the Fish.
    The cold eyes of the gannets see their rock:... more »

  • Arab Songs

    MY Afghan poet-friend
    With this made his message end,
    'The scroll around my wall shows two the poets have known... more »

  • Asses

    'I KNOW where I'd get
    An ass that would do,
    If I had the money... more »

  • At Cashel

    ABOVE me stand, worn from their ancient use,
    The King's, the Bishop's, and the Warrior's house,
    Quiet as folds upon a grassy knoll:... more »

  • Ave Atque Vale

    THOROUGH waters, thorough nations I have come
    To lay last offerings at your low abode,
    Brother, and to appeal
    To ashes that were you.... more »

  • Bat

    IN broad daylight
    He should not be:
    Yet toward and froward,
    Froward and toward... more »

  • Before The Fair

    'Lost,' 'lost,' the beeves and the bullocks,
    The cattle men sell and buy,
    Crowded upon the fair green,
    Low to the lightless sky.... more »

  • Bird Of Paradise

    WITH sapphire for her crown,
    And with the Libyan wine
    For lustre of her eyes;
    With azure on her feet... more »

  • Bison

    How great a front is thine
    A lake of majesty!
    Assyria knew the sign
    The god-incarnate king!... more »

  • Blades

    SOJOURNER, set down
    Your skimming wheel;
    Nothing is sharp
    That we have of steel:... more »