• A Painting

    Hair like burnished onyx, draped o'er somber blades
    Garbed in silken turquoise, cascading down in waves
    Upon her sunken features, beneath skin of ivory pearl
    Frozen on papyrus, exists a hollow girl... more »

  • Bleeding Hearts

    Your scent lingers on cold clothes
    Putting my memory to shame
    I breathe you deeply, but lord knows
    It will never be the same... more »

  • Early Morn

    In the still of the morning
    Blue-white light filters in through the blinds
    While the world around me says good morning
    I've yet to say goodnight... more »

  • Fallen

    The world around me, moves, so slowly
    I try to fade, become part of this, facade
    But their eyes, just stare, drowning me with this fear... more »

  • Mirth

    Take this disaster and shrug it off
    Laugh in the face of your own demise
    Hold the Good Book high and know its lies
    In your place another will rise... more »

  • My Wild One

    Sweet little one
    How you fill up my heart
    With your eyes all aglow
    In ways you'll never know... more »

  • No Last Goodbye

    Tonight, a light
    Has gone out, forever
    Never shall I see one like it again
    Not ever... more »

  • Soul

    There is, something special, about this girl
    With her eyes aglow, Watch her red curls unfurl
    From the knot, that kept them, out of her face
    She spins on her own, to her slow steady pace... more »