• Cold And Alone

    He is to me the reason the world still rotates.
    His eyes dance around me like a shower of falling stars.
    His voice is like a dead wind soft but intense.
    His hair so soft like a field of wheat that calls to me.... more »

  • Days

    Good days,
    Bad days,
    They're all just days.
    Torn into little peices.... more »

  • Helpless

    Step into my helpless home
    Carry me to my helpless bed
    Where so many fires have blown
    Hide behind my door and wait for him to come... more »

  • I Know

    I can see you
    See the misery
    I can hear you
    Hear the lies... more »

  • My Love

    My dearest love
    I think of you daily
    And how i miss your gentle hand
    The one that caressed my cheek... more »

  • Never Screams

    She never screams
    You would never know the pain
    Until its to late
    Everything's shaded... more »

  • Taken From Me

    ... more »