I'm only 14 =/ Not much life there =) I hope you like my poems, they're based on my opinion and not purposely to put down others. Please enjoy!


Paige Thomas Poems

Febuary Black History Month

The sound of water fill my ears,
Countless memories of the winter years,
Another winter still is long,
the sun again will withdrawn,... more »

Something About The Sea

The clouds guide the tide,
as a lighthouse protects its rocky shore,
As if the sea is to hold its breath,... more »


I shed tears for you,
I bled for you,
When you told me you loved,
Her,... more »

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Paige Thomas 28 Jun 2008 11:12
wow! you have my name and you're my age! XD that's amazing. and you write poetry! what else do we have in common? !