Pallang Mofokeng is a published poet of the book RED IN GREEN THE LIFEBLOOD OF LOVE, He was born in 1995 in the eastern Cape province of south Africa. Growing up he’s always loved writing poetry. At the age of 12-13 he became a church poet at Faith Apostolic church, awarded the best learner in reading at Governors drift while he was doing grade.7… 2012 he was awarded the most influential individual through out the year 2012 at Emmanuel full Gospel ministries. Pallang has been featured in two poetry and prose collection books compiled by Robin Barratt of the UK with his poem Be it your love is Gold in the book LOVE, His other poem featured on the book called TRAVEL with his poem WHEN LAST DID I WRITE? . He’s an uprising POET still to break through the world of poetry.


Pallang Mofokeng Poems

Inclined Nation

Single rain drops combine to make a flood...
That's the power of Unity...

If we can combine as a nation... more »

Can't You?

I always died a senseless death at the feet of affection,
I always compromised the word compromise to this life's own zeal
My pride and keys to joy were thrown to hell,
All in the name of love so well... more »

Be It Your Love Is Gold

Call me not be it your love is gold,
Absent me from your raging sentiment so cold.
Love is Anathema, whose roots are pleasures
Not to incline but be spent beyond measures.... more »

Pallang Mofokeng Quotes

Be it you are still sober in mind, Be it you still have you in all to decide Love knows you not...
Love changes
Life at times give us no choice...
Life is like the wind When the wind blows the greens and trees have to dance along... So is life it makes some sudden turns and we die the pains...

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