I have been writing poetry since I was seven years old, but rarely published any until recently. In 2012 a poem I wrote for ComputerActive magazine won me the unique prize of publication plus a very funny cartoon portrait on their Letters page! Since the Millennium I have enjoyed the discipline of Haiku and Senryu (in English of course) and had a few of these published by the British Haiku Society. Lately the poems have lengthened again, spurred on by my local Writers Club in Llandudno, North Wales, whose bi-monthly magazine The Moving Finger I edit and publish; and 'the best of me' is on my website at revpamcrane.weebly.com. The site title is The Adventurous Astrologer; the deeply spiritual study and practice of astrology has been my other delight since my mid-twenties - oh so many decades ago!


Pamela Ann Frances Crane Poems

Virgo Rising

Oh it’s fun to be a little hypochondriac!
Oh it’s fine to want to lie around in bed!
It’s delightful to be lazy lying on your back,
To be comforted and cosseted and fed,... more »

Clouds On The Horizon

The clouds on the horizon
Are the spirits of the Bison
And they bellow in the thunder
With a fury at the plunder... more »

The Astrologer's Prayer

(Aries) .............Teach me how to be,
(Libra) .............And be aware;
(Taurus) ..........Teach me how to have,
(Scorpio) .........And how to share;... more »

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