• Ambivalence

    Touch me. No, no, do not touch.
    I mean: be careful—
    if I break into a hundred pieces
    like a Ming vase falling from the mantle... more »

  • Articles Of Faith

    Black ice. An accident's chain-
    reaction crumples 28 cars one by one.
    Forgetting the latest advisory
    you steer into our skid... more »

  • Beggar At The Feast

    We've learned to hear them, haven't we,
    the sounds of silence in subway graffiti,
    in a Zen hand clapping,
    and on the railway trestle
    over the thruway, in names
    we’ve seen a hundred times... more »

  • Consider The Bullfrog

    night and day
    belches "jug-o-rum"
    to a teetotaling... more »

  • Eating The Earth

    After Tyrone, the little boy next door,
    makes her eat a handful of dirt
    for telling lies
    about where babies come from,... more »

  • Efficacious Prayer

    You know you shouldn't,
    and that it is impossible to change
    yet when the sirens scream
    and fire-trucks go racing in the direction... more »

  • Grandiose

    He says:
    I was always more important than you thought
    with your cutting me down to size quarrel
    about just who I thought I was. I thought I was... more »

  • How To Read A Poem: Beginner's Manual

    First, forget everything you have learned,
    that poetry is difficult,
    that it cannot be appreciated by the likes of you,
    with your high school equivalency diploma,... more »

  • Junior Miss

    Cool as Christmas
    plump as a wish
    and simon-pure as cotton... more »

  • Mortal Choices

    Off the corridor plumed with oxygen
    the blue incandescent symmetry of your tiger
    burns blue behind every door,
    consumes and is consumed... more »

  • My Mother Was Medea

    An absurd delusion, perhaps, but
    I maintain she always loved me
    even as her dagger pierced my chest
    and I felt my breath go black and tight.... more »

  • Our Mothers' Daughters

    I dreamed my mother cut off
    my baby toes, the suturing so perfect
    she left no gangrene, no scars, just a fine line
    of invisible thread and four toes on each foot... more »

  • The Catatonic Speaks

    At first it seemed a good idea not to
    move a muscle, to resist without
    resistance. I stood still and stiller. Soon
    I was the stillest object in that room.... more »

  • The Song Of The Ant

    "For the listener, who listens in the snow..."
    Wallace Stevens... more »

  • To Those Who Believe We Are Living In The Last Days I Say,

    it goes with the territory - end
    of the millennium, end of the world.
    Criswell promises a black rainbow,
    a perfect symbol against thinking we will live... more »

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Tyrant, they called you, emperor, bully,
    the first time I was in the psychiatric wing.
    Yes, you finger-painted, getting down on your knees
    to smear pigment with stiff abandon... more »

  • Voices

    Pops and crackling, a radio tuning itself,
    the squeal and echo of feedback
    before the broadcast of secrets, thoughts no one should know.... more »

  • Word Salad

    Unpinned, words scatter, moths in the night.
    The sense of things loses hold, demurs.
    Everything means. Numbers soldier
    with colors and directions, four by four... more »