• A New Year

    So my friend the year is nearly over
    And a fresh start is edging closer
    So much has happened to me
    Yet I am still not free... more »

  • Doll

    Oh but I’m just a doll,
    Living, breathing, wasting
    With orange lipstick all over my face
    I’ll smile for you, pose for you... more »

  • Everything Is Crumbling Around Me

    My world is crumbling around around me
    But I carry on dreaming

    My hopes are being trampled on... more »

  • Gloom

    Passing people
    Cruel crowd
    Wet weather
    Lonely self... more »

  • Hate

    The way you look at me repulses me
    The way you talk
    I cant stand the mere sight of you
    I hate your mouth, the shape of your nose... more »

  • He

    He’s not what I want
    (And I’m crying)
    He’s not what I crave
    (The tears are falling)... more »

  • I Dont Love You Anymore

    Oh baby I dont love you anymore
    And I never did
    I tried and I tried
    Oh I tried my very best... more »

  • I Dont Want To

    I don’t want to
    I dont want to
    I don’t want to... more »

  • I Want A Baby

    I want a baby
    A cuddly baby with hardly no hair
    That smells of talcum powder and
    That special baby smell... more »

  • If Only Our Mothers Knew

    Oh if only our mothers knew
    About our lost loves
    About our late night adventures
    Lost in the middle of the street... more »

  • Just Another Day

    Its just another day

    Its just another day... more »

  • Label

    Yes claim us and label us
    Put me us on offer until our shelf life is no more
    And then we will gather dust
    Like a forgotten jar in the back of your cupboard... more »

  • Lets Fall In Love

    Lets fall in love, make it an art
    Show them how its done
    Write each other poems
    And blow kisses... more »

  • Lost

    What could have been
    And never was
    But should have been
    And never will be... more »

  • Midnight Doom

    We’re engulfed in darkness,
    Hands around me, theres no where to escape
    My cries carry through the night
    You angrily curse at me,... more »

  • My Lady Cave

    My lady cave
    That men fear
    But secretly desire
    Full of unspoken secrets... more »

  • On The Train

    Sometimes I go on the train
    Even if I have nowhere to go
    I listen to sad music
    And pretend that I’m in a film... more »

  • Prostituierte

    We were hurrying along the road
    My parents and I
    In the winter of 1998
    And I saw a naked lady plastered on the shop window... more »

  • Random Poem

    This is a random poem
    Its for you, him, anyone
    And the fish have stopped speaking but
    I’m dancing in the floating lights... more »

  • Sins

    Sinning, sinning everyday
    My sins follow me everywhere
    Like a second shadow
    Reminding me of my inadequacy... more »

  • The Arrangement Of The Jewels

    You watch as they speak & laugh
    You’re in their circle but not one of them
    You speak their language
    But they dont speak yours... more »

  • The Whore Of Babylon

    They insult us
    With meaningless words
    ‘Whore’ they say
    But I carry on smiling... more »

  • Used

    Yes use me
    Talk to me when you’re lonely
    And then forget about me
    When you have somebody new... more »

  • Violence

    I like violence
    It excites me
    Its rawness, its simplicity
    Pure animalistic behaviour... more »

  • W.H.O.R.E

    W is for Whore
    With her smeared lipstick
    And her dark secrets
    My mind is locked... more »