Paolo Ruffilli was born in 1949.

Attended the University of Bologna, where he studied modern literature. After a period of teaching, he became editor with the publisher Garzanti in Milan, and is presently the general editor of the Edizioni del Leone in Venice.

Beginning in 1972, he has published nine volumes of poetry. The more recent: Piccola colazione

(1987, American Poetry Prize), Diario di Normandia (1990, Montale Prize), Camera oscura (1992),


Paolo Ruffilli Poems


Thus, I suddenly
catch myself in the mirror
in a stifling embrace
while I project myself... more »


I know what I have felt
again and again
and never has it been
something abstract... more »


And all at once
deep in the tunnel
that goes on and on,
in the dead air... more »

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