• God

    So many wishes, so many rituals;
    Hailing you by so many names,
    Celebrating your different incarnations…
    Praising your glories and your omnipotence... more »

  • Little Ben

    Little Ben wakes up with swollen eyes, still drooping in the dreamland,
    With Donald, Mickey and Tom, running all around in his wonderland;
    So cheerful were those moments, but alas! He has to go out now;
    Bidding adieu to his friends, he presses hard his bed to plow.... more »

  • Prism

    It was that cloudy yet a blissful day of July,
    All my years were gone in lullaby.
    The roads were cleaned and the houses looked new,
    Looking out of the windows, Oh! I still remember that view.... more »

  • Seasons

    Quenched my wilted soul, deep inside a dearth;
    Counted million drops, in my cloudy showers;
    My eyes used to marvel, beholding that silent firth;
    Like a white swan, splashing and sailing with her steering oars;... more »

  • The Facets Of Love

    In a winter afternoon, sitting in the last row,
    A couple was enjoying their bus ride.
    Adoring the pendants of different beliefs,
    They seemed to have no qualm with that.... more »