• Betrayed

    How dare you ask me to share my song?
    This single song I found without you.
    How could I compound my joys in stocks that you sell?
    How could I share my song with you and not soil its rhythm?... more »

  • In Your Memory

    Hold me in your memories before you hold me in your arms
    For your arms long and strong may be too short
    Your body smooth and soft and silky
    From mine may be peeled apart by a lacerating distance... more »

  • Red Carpet

    You fertilized my mind with many options
    Because of you my heart sprouted a thousand possibilities
    You ushered me into a world where the unattainable was dead
    With you a trip through the jungle was a joyful promenade... more »

  • Ripples Of The Yukon

    By the waters of the Yukon
    I washed my hands
    Immersing a prayer down the tunnel of my index finger
    Slimy with a thousand thoughts in my heart... more »

  • Wind-Child Or Fire-Child

    I have walked through hills and valleys
    I have walked from peaks as tough as 6am risings
    As steep as 7pm worry calls from home
    Now in the gutter of time I look around... more »

  • World Peace

    The world will someday mix
    That will be the definition of world peace
    Time will teach forgiveness
    And a people who learn their lesson faster than the hints of revenge will hasten the pace of peace... more »