• Always

    Always there to wipe our tears
    to bandage our knees,
    to pick us up when we fall.... more »

  • Childs Eyes

    A child see their mum
    holding them close to
    her breast.... more »

  • Coming Home

    They took you away from us,
    we care and love you.
    We still have your favorite
    toys, stuffed animals too.... more »

  • Day Of Sorrow

    Two black jets destroyed
    our buildings.
    We lost our friends and
    our famalies.... more »

  • Don'T Forget

    We love you, want you back with us.
    A family torn apart on a wim of
    no proof.... more »

  • Eyes Of An Angel

    Children at play on merrygorounds, happy
    and laughing no pushing no fighting not
    kicking one to the ground.... more »

  • Give Thanks

    This day is forgiving
    A day for family and
    To celebrate with turkey... more »

  • Little Miracle

    Sick and frail we pray
    she be well.

    A lot of pain she not... more »

  • Little One

    To cradle to hold to love
    They're so small
    To rock them to sleep
    Need to be close to you... more »

  • Littlest Angel

    He came to us from above
    We welcome him with so
    much love.... more »

  • Mothers Love

    Holds her child close
    feels their pain and
    comforts them.... more »

  • My Friend

    I known you for a short
    But I can say you were
    my friend.... more »

  • My Love

    the thoughts of losing you,
    time that we have together
    never seem to be enough.... more »

  • Our Flag

    Stands for strength
    Waves for courage
    And freedom... more »

  • Papa's Knee

    Home from work tired and
    hungry, he always makes
    time for his grandbaby's,
    to sit them upon his knee.... more »

  • Sisters

    We fought, we argued thru
    the years.
    We nicpick, we teased
    We did not share.... more »

  • Son

    My little boy has grown to
    a fine man.
    A father a brother a strong
    family man.... more »

  • Spirit Of A Child

    A Mother holds her son close
    to her chest.
    Tears role down her cheek,
    knowing he will be at rest.... more »

  • The Croc Man

    Not to small or to big for the
    croc man..
    Man who love animals, no matter
    how dangerous, cute and cuddlely... more »

  • To Be

    held close to his body wanting
    to be loved, feel his every
    breath he takes,... more »

  • True Friend

    True friend offer gum
    not cigarettes.

    True friend offer soda... more »

  • Who Am I

    Hurting inside, confussed, uncertain future
    I don't know who I am, am I human?
    Wanting to be someone to be loved.
    I want to be happy, I don't want to hurt others,... more »

  • With Open Arms

    A child needs love they come to us
    from above,
    When they come to you with a scrapped
    knee you pick them up so tenderly.... more »