• A Broaden View

    A broaden view is all about folk who haven't a clue;
    about why we sue, the meaning of in lieu,
    who decides on a coup, the meaning of the color blue,
    the meaning of the number two. Why animals are caged... more »

  • Black Unpower

    So Educated that we are no Spiritually good
    So Spiritual that we are no Earthly good
    So Black, White, Pink, Tan or Brown,
    that we are no Selfly good?... more »

  • Nation Under Siege

    When the deficit is up and the Country is bankrupt
    then they shall know
    Why the reindeer paws were really on the house top
    Why Humpy Dumpty was on the wall and... more »

  • Never Loose Your Way

    Let peace and calmness lead you
    therein you may find Patience

    Encompass yourself with positive energy, loving thoughts, progressive loving thought people, optimism for peace and divine goals... more »

  • Observation (Repost)

    Ghetto is not a Neighborhood nor Nationality but rather a State of Mind
    Just as Grown is not determined by the Numerical system but rather the Development of Your Being
    And Security stands at the door of Maturity
    Now for those of you who squint at the proper view of Life... more »

  • Realistic Goals

    Darkened by day awaken by night wars of wars away and insight
    Living day to day the unvisionary way look up see the stars
    Tomorrow you made it through yet another breathful day.
    You question; What does your future hold?... more »

  • Solus

    Solus for emotions out of season,
    With all of God's Wonder & Blessings we live our emotions,
    Embracing them in peace is the key,
    Perfection is balance & seasons are perfect in time.... more »

  • Stupid Didn'T Die

    Now somebody told a lie, cause Stupid didn't die
    Most times glad, made some mad
    Popular it seems, at times wealthy in means
    Disguises being many, with friends a plenty... more »

  • The Beauty Of The Day

    The Sun Rise
    The Sun Shine
    The Clouds
    The Rain Drops... more »

  • Writing It Down To Make It Plain

    Life Seeker or Obituary Creator,
    the Educator, the Orator, the Perpetrator.
    Obituary Creators block a called ones way to add to the reading of their personal Eulogized Day.
    From Politics to the Pulpits, favoritism, nepotism, I-ism,... more »