• A Chance Of Seasons

    Virgin flowers –
    butterfly drinks
    first taste of new life.... more »

  • A Gypsy Peers Through Her Crystal Ball

    A gypsy peers through her crystal ball.
    As I watch the seasons change through my wall.
    The wizard pondering wisdom gazes as the fire blazes; burning hot.
    A sorcerer reveals what shall be; and what shall not.... more »

  • Abandoned Cemetery

    Loneliness lingers in the cemetery
    naked as the tomb stones.
    When she left she didn’t even say good bye.... more »

  • Auburn Sun

    Holding a train rail is like loving you-
    I hold you so tight, you shake me through.
    I know the train’s comin’, but know not when
    I’ll hold on to the rail until then.... more »

  • Autumn Love

    Autumn comes back around
    and all the leaves fall to the ground.
    The air turns cold but the sky’s still blue.
    Will you fall to me as I fall to you?... more »

  • Back To The Start

    This food in my mouth, it's making it dry.
    I looked at the ground, and fell through the sky.
    All of these days, are passing me by-
    The crowds in the street, are playing their part... more »

  • Birth In The Desert, Death At Sea

    Though it is high noon,
    the moon hangs in the sky
    opposite the sun.
    He sits on the periphery... more »

  • Cold War

    Ice cycles hung from my nose
    hands were stuck to my gun; froze.
    All alone in a storm of white
    couldn't tell day from night.... more »

  • Empty Grave

    “We need to talk, ” she said on the phone.
    The sun was going down,
    trees a silhouette
    giving way to darkening sky.... more »

  • Empty Silhouette

    Suspended on a beam of moon-light,
    a silhouette against the window pane
    when the man in the sky watches over us.
    Awoken when the first... more »

  • Forgotten Dreams

    let dreams latch on to your dream catcher
    and vision new worlds and places
    where unfamiliar faces are not astray.... more »

  • Free River

    Free River flow, Free River
    so cold, Free River
    you’re getting old.... more »

  • Mother To Son

    Well, son, I'll tell you;
    Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
    It's had tacks in it,
    And splinters,... more »

  • Open Your Eyes

    I looked in her eyes, and breathed in her feel
    We've come here again, 'cause time is a wheel

    The snow on the ground is warming my heart... more »

  • The Burning Dream

    I awoke in a dream with pure consciousness,
    and took a walk down to the stream of loneliness.
    There was a woman there
    with scarlet fire hair,... more »

  • The Burning Sun

    The Burning Sun came rising-
    it rose into the sky.
    I sat and smoked the herbs
    as the birds began to fly.... more »

  • The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner

    This is one of my favorite poems by Randall Jarrell and one of my favorite poems. Analyze it line for line and read it many times over to understand each lines meaning..

    From my mother's sleep I fell into the state
    And I hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze... more »

  • To The Lake

    In Spring of youth it was my lot-
    to haunt of the wide world a spot
    the which I could not love the less -
    so lovely was the loneliness.... more »

  • War Lord

    May God guide every bullet
    to my enemy's death.
    May my trigger finger stay strong
    'till there is not a slug left.... more »