• Bean Sléibhe Ag Caoineadh A Mhac (A Woman Of The Mountain Keens Her Son)

    Grief on the death, it has blackened my heart:
    lt has snatched my love and left me desolate,
    Without friend or companion under the roof of my house
    But this sorrow in the midst of me, and I keening.... more »

  • Mise Eire (I Am Ireland)

    Mise Éire:
    Sine mé ná an Chailleach Bhéarra.

    Mór mo ghlóir:
    Mé a rug Cú Chulainn cróga.... more »

  • The Fool

    Since the wise men have not spoken, I speak that am only a fool;
    A fool that hath loved his folly,
    Yea, more than the wise men their books or their counting houses or their quiet homes,
    Or their fame in men's mouths;... more »

  • The Mother

    I do not grudge them: Lord, I do not grudge
    My two strong sons that I have seen go out
    To break their strength and die, they and a few,
    In bloody protest for a glorious thing,... more »

  • The Wayfarer

    The beauty of the world hath made me sad,
    This beauty that will pass;
    Sometimes my heart hath shaken with great joy
    To see a leaping squirrel in a tree,... more »

  • Why Do Ye Torture Me?

    Why are ye torturing me, O desires of my heart?
    Torturing me and paining me by day and by night?
    Hunting me as a poor deer would be hunted on a hill,... more »