• Aiding Aids Across Africa

    Aiding AIDS across Africa
    Your priests spreading lies
    Just because condoms are evil in your eyes
    No it is not agreeable to say they are permeable... more »

  • Blind

    i miss you like, i've lost my sight
    insides too dark, outside, too bright
    i miss you like, my chest feels tight
    if we could arrange, tonight we might... more »

  • Evil Lurks

    Every Evil Effect Ends
    Violently Viscous, Viciously Violent
    Initiative Interrupts Its Ideal Implementation
    Lavishly Lurking, Law Loses Love... more »

  • Farewell

    Goodbye to the poetry
    Farewell to the bards
    Adios to the Good Questions
    And to the deck of cards... more »

  • Lost

    Lost in time and space
    Lost in your warm embrace... more »

  • No Loss To Gain

    No loss to gain
    No sadness felt
    Or rather its
    Forgotten the pits... more »

  • Ode To An Instrument

    Like lost lovers
    We touch for the first time in what seems like an age
    You and I together, we were made for the stage
    Unzip the bag, let you out your cage... more »

  • You

    Down the drink, and drink the beer
    Push the brink, and hit the deer
    You think you can, but you can’t steer
    Life is fun for one more year... more »

  • You Know When...

    You know when you say the wrong thing
    At the wrong time, in front of the wrong people
    You couldn’t have said anything worse
    But you said it? Everyone is looking at you... more »

  • Zest

    Tuneful, cheerful, habitats of spring
    All the new life and nursery that they bring
    Blue tits that scramble, dance, and sing
    Winter, a distant, reminiscent sting... more »