• Savage God (1994r)

    Where are you,
    O savage god?
    You said that you'd guide me.
    Promised you'd lead me to safety.... more »

  • Savior (1993r)

    Were you right?
    Were they just looking for a clown
    to lead them through thier fantasies?
    Are you the only one who can end this?... more »

  • Scars (1994r)

    What can I say
    to make her understand?
    I never meant to turn away,
    felt protective in spite of love.... more »

  • Seduction (2005r)

    You pulled my strings
    and made me move.
    Your playful eyes
    danced over my skin.... more »

  • Set Me Free (2005r)

    Tie me down and set me free.
    Peer into me and make me sting.
    Flay my flesh, release my soul.
    Make me cry, make me bleed.... more »

  • Shadows (2005r)

    Your shadows danced in and out of my periphery.
    You've caressed my mind and gave comfort when needed.
    Touches, voices, spirits imparted, and journeys taken.... more »

  • Silent Scream (Lyrics) (1994)

    All alone in a room full of souls,
    Bottle of comfort sits next to me,
    This dark terror takes its toll.
    Yet Helps me throught the misery.... more »

  • Silver Line (2005r)

    We sat in a lounge headed south,
    just travelers on the silver line.
    We drank and smoked
    to music and stories.... more »

  • Son (For J.M.W. My Little One) (2005r)

    The waves crash the shore,
    like the thoughts in my mind.
    And the storm swells
    to the point of breaking.... more »

  • Southern Love (2006)

    My dark southern beauty,
    creole refuge to my soul.
    Lost like Atlantis,
    washed away with rain.... more »

  • Sunday Morn (2005)

    Your soul looked out from blood-shot glass
    your fears drunk away for but a time
    Plead for mercy from your desires
    their blackness drowns in oblivion.... more »

  • Sunrise And Sunset (1988r)

    From my perch I see it in the distance,
    climbing that unseen ladder to the sky.
    It rises upward with no resistance,
    and from under the bridge I wonder why.... more »

  • The Cabin (1988r)

    A place that is my own,
    deep in the countryside.
    In fields that fill with snow,
    lies a cabin where I hide.... more »

  • The Lovers (For Royce & Becky) (1994r)

    Two lovers run naked in the dark,
    laughing and tripping over graves.
    Returning to their primitive ways,
    they made love to the night.... more »

  • The Muse (1994r)

    Will they visit me tonight?
    Will they unite on the plains of my mind?
    Will they dance around the fire of my soul?
    Will they give to me,... more »

  • The Oak (1991r)

    The oak stands in a field eternal.
    From the beginning of time, unto the end.
    Others have been removed so it can grow,
    few remain which in time will become friends.... more »

  • The Pack (1993r)

    An angel watches over the pack
    as we join for the hunt.
    We're in search of new blood,
    with just a touch of innocence.... more »

  • The Room (2005r)

    I've walked the streets of London.
    Set sail for the shores of France.
    Found tequila
    on the beaches of mexico.... more »

  • Traveller (1993r)

    I am just a traveller
    searching the road of life,
    with niether direction or purpose
    except to find my own.... more »

  • Two Sides, Same Coin (1994r)

    Help me!
    My soul is longing to scream,
    My heart is longing for a feeling.
    I'm torn between turning you away,... more »

  • Union Street (1995r)

    The desperate ones are out tonight,
    and the monsters hunt for lack of thought.
    The tribes are all gathered,
    on the same strip of road,... more »

  • Untitled (I) (1992)

    He appears disguised as the rest,
    but his disguise is the best.
    Only a few will know his name,
    the rest just call him Mr. Insane.... more »

  • Untitled (Ii) (1992)

    What do you see when you see a wall?
    A barricade that blocks you,
    or a surface to be decorated?
    (and in itself a decoration)... more »

  • Untitled (Iii) (1992)

    I tell lies to please you,
    hiding all but my face.
    I give you what you want,
    even as it causes pain.... more »

  • Untitled (Iv) (1993)

    Hiding from reality,
    scared of what I'll find.
    Pushing everyone back,
    and out of common mind.... more »