• Untitled (Ix) (1993)

    Do you understand what you hear?
    Can you afford to see the truth?
    Look past your preconceptions,
    forget the stories told from a thousand lips.... more »

  • Untitled (V) (1993)

    What do you know about me?
    Do you know my dreams of love?
    Do you know that I want a child,
    so that I can pass on what I have learned?... more »

  • Untitled (Vi) (1991)

    There's a man inside my brain,
    driving me to play a game.
    No law or protest will stop it,
    it's something I must find inside myself... more »

  • Untitled (Vii) (1993)

    I'm trying to protect you.
    From who?
    Trust me, I know whats best,... more »

  • Untitled (Viii) (1993)

    I am all your love and hate,
    yet I am a total stranger.
    I am all your thoughts and dreams,
    but I am unfamilar.... more »

  • Untitled (X) (1993)

    Are we allowed to return to past glories?
    Will the present walk away with disgust?
    Meet on the plains where truth is freedom,
    and we shall share stories and wine,... more »

  • Wake Up (1995r)

    The masses have lost their voice,
    as we are told how to live.
    Treated like children,
    told who to believe in.... more »

  • Webster Falls (2006)

    Maybe spring floods can wash it away
    the grains of the past that cling like dust
    Old town that seems like a stranger
    washed into a resemblance of memory... more »