• A 17th Century Curse

    In the bottle rests my pee
    Collected under a darkling moon
    And pared down fingernails, overgrown... more »

  • A Beakers Full Of Love

    Life is so mesmerizing
    The sky above-
    Bottomless, endless, unfathomable
    Impossible distances holding the secret of... more »

  • A Bear Came To Dinner

    A bear came to dinner;
    He ate before the bell,
    He didn't use his napkin,
    I am here to tell.... more »

  • A Beautiful Man's Mind

    Underneath it all begins to ripple,
    beneath the accordion folds of a perfect afternoon,
    the phosphorescent streets lost in rain
    while falling from vision, a number of pearly clouds... more »

  • A Bullet For Lenin

    A bullet for Lenin, a bullet for Trotsky,
    With love from the West;
    Go back in the time machine,
    Go back to the guillotine-... more »

  • A Catalogue Of Insomnia

    Just before I turned nineteen
    I cut off my long, long hair
    And Grandmother became ill.
    It seemed like there had to be some connection... more »

  • A Circular Circumvention

    The world is prosaic archaic algebraic
    through its looking-glass eye... more »

  • A Corpse

    Imagine a place that was the paragon of creative genius
    With the money and the freedom to encourage
    Experimentation and invention, there was no limit-
    Could such a haven be destroyed by the very creativity,... more »

  • A Death That Grieves No Stranger

    A death that grieves no stranger
    Is witless as a mouth
    That deaf eyes do not fathom
    Mute singleness of route... more »

  • A Diadem Of Dust I Wear

    A diadem of dust I wear
    Till polished, to completion-
    As goes to mote, the single stone
    Through times rough depredation.... more »

  • A Dialectic

    The tides can speak the language of the sea
    The moon knows the dialect of the sun
    Mountains can communicate with clouds, through a single touch... more »

  • A Dog Is Like A Husband How?

    A dog is like a husband, how?
    The way they wake, when you sleep still-
    And vex you then, for food or swill.... more »

  • A Dream

    Once I dreamed I awoke on a ship
    In my own special room, as she swayed and dipped
    I walk down the corridors, just like a queen
    Touching and seeing the things in my dream... more »

  • A Dream For You

    A dream for you
    And one for me;
    A mermaid's blue,
    A symphony,... more »

  • A Fable

    There once was a dog
    Who was friends with a hog.
    They sat around on a log
    Drinking beer and grog,... more »

  • A Face Looks So Carnivorous

    A face looks so carnivorous
    From the nostrils down:
    An open, ravenous trap,
    Half full or half empty... more »

  • A Faith Of No Regrets

    When I'm crying at someone's funeral
    And I try to hide my streaming eyes there
    I'm weeping for every man, woman, child..
    For death is neither special nor rare.... more »

  • A Fatal Proposition

    There are only photos left now, of what was
    And what is no longer,
    Except perhaps for a plat of land,
    That marks the telltale spot, only for me.... more »

  • A Few Beads And Feathers

    If these holidays did not enclose one
    Within this century, then it would be
    Some other holy days,
    In some other millenium:... more »

  • A Few More Cubits

    Every woman surely dies
    And leaves behind a purse;
    And though it’s not as elegant,
    As any streetside hearse,... more »

  • A Few Quarks

    Hidden beneath the skin is a sucking chest wound
    A sonic boom sized black hole
    Ravenously devouring everything that comes close-
    Chairs, tables, animals, and egos... more »

  • A Forgotten Word

    A forgotten word
    Is more alone among creation's slaves
    Than inmates chained
    In subterranean fissures... more »

  • A Galaxy Of One

    Could be that the true soul
    Is stretched tautly thin
    Throughout the hidden world-
    Thinner than a quark crepe,... more »

  • A Ghost Now Stands Within Your Life

    A ghost now stands within your life,
    You neither move nor step aside,
    Perhaps it is a ghost you owe
    A favor or a round of ale;... more »

  • A Giraffe Ate Your Tulips

    There really is no nice way
    To tell you what I saw;
    But a giraffe ate your tulips-
    He chomped them with his maw.... more »